Taslima Nasreen: Poonam Pandey wants to get F****d in public

Glamsham Editorial

Strip sensation Poonam Pandey is back in controversy, not by striping her clothes though, but this time it's a 'war of words' on a social networking site.

The Kingfisher model Poonam Pandey received some hard comments from writer Taslima Nasreen when Poonam tweeted, "Attitude is like your underwear; you must wear it, but never show it." Further she shared an exposing picture of hers which had caption saying, "Attitude is like your underwear; you must wear it, but never show it. But then i like Flaunting the right Attitude a lot :P"

Now, unlike other Poonam Pandey fans, the comments on social networking site were not entertained by the writer and she hit back with a tweet saying, "Poonam Pandey got naked but not satisfied. She wanna do dirtiest things none did before. Wants to get f****d in public!"

Fumed Poonam Pandey tweeted back saying, "I don`t have an `attitude problem', I have an attitude that you have a problem with. So, yeah BITCH, it`s actually your problem..."

Condemning the fact that women were being objectified Taslima tweeted, "My protest agnst d objectification is 4 women`s dignity,not 4 publicity. My criticism ws agnst d video u endorsed."

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