Sayali Bhagat to sue Shiney Ahuja over indecent advances?

Sayali BhagatAfter first hinting that Shiney had made indecent advances towards her and then denying all such reports, Sayali is now reportedly filing a complaint against the actor over the issue according to industry sources.

The story so far: Shiney and Sayali were signed up to co- star in a film named Ghost sometime last year. In April 2011, Sayali levelled allegations against Shiney for the first time saying he had made passes at her on the film set. She had then said Shiney had also misbehaved with the film’s debutant director, Puja Jatinder Bedi. Last month in an interview, however, Sayali took a U- turn.

She said Shiney had never misbehaved with her and that such allegations would harm his career. The flip- flop came in an interview Sayali gave to a film glossy earlier this month. She claimed that Shiney had definitely made advances and that she was smart enough “ to understand where Shiney was heading to” and that she “ knew he was throwing hints”. The magazine report even suggested that Sayali admitted to Shiney pinching her butt. No sooner did the magazine hit the stands, however, she said she was “ shocked” about allegations that were reportedly being passed off as her statements. She further said that both Shiney and she were being “ victimised by detractors”. She also said ever since the magazine hit the stands, Shiney and his wife Anupam Ahuja were flooding her with text messages and calls, disturbing her peace of mind. 

Now comes the latest twist. Sources in the industry say Sayali is considering action against Shiney because, during an intimate scene in Ghost , he reportedly called her into his make- up room and held her hand in a way that was too close for her comfort. Both Sayali and Shiney remained unavailable for comments.

This is not the first time that Shiney has been in the eye of storm over such allegations. In 2009, the actor’s maid filed a case against him alleging rape. Shiney was sentenced to seven years in prison by a Mumbai sessions court on March 30 this year. About a month later, however, he was released on bail.

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