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Poor kids' paintings inspire Global Desi's collection

Indo Asian News Service
14 May 2012

New Delhi, May 14 (IANS) Global Desi, a retail clothing line, has launched an exclusive summer collection inspired by the painting of underprivileged children.

The collection features 16 exclusive creations which are inspired by the drawings of four children - Rajesh Jadiyar, Roshni Jadhav, Reshma Bahamaniya and Rubina Khan, who are from the NGO Assema.

"This is our second initiative with the kids from Aseema. The kids have previously designed a calendar for my wellness center (Clay Wellness). One day while flipping through their artwork from the calendar, I thought why not have a collection collaborating their artwork," said Anita Dongre, creative director of Global Desi in a statement.

The ethnic collection comprises of kurtis and tops in red, yellow and green shades and bright prints. The collection represents the free spirit and creativity of the children through prints and motifs.

"Global Desi's special Aseema collection is an extraordinary one because it exhibits the potential of young budding talented kids. We are delighted to be associated with a noble cause as this, and to be able to provide a platform for such young talent to showcase their skill"," Dongre added.

The collection is available at all Global Desi outlets across the country.

"Art has always been a part of Aseema's programme and I am delighted to see how these kids have earned themselves such an opportunity at such a young age," said Dilbur Parakh, founder of Aseema.

Aseema, which was launched in 1995, helps encourage creativity in underprivileged children.

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