50 Cent ends 6-year 'feud' with Oprah Winfrey

London, June 12 (ANI): 50 Cent put aside his differences with Oprah Winfrey, inviting the talk show host into his grandmother's home for a candid interview about his private life.

He once criticised the talk show host in a very public fashion, saying "Oprah's audience is my audience's parents so I could care less about Oprah or her show."

"This is a huge milestone for me. Just being in your presence and on the show. That's a huge accomplishment," the Daily Mail quoted the rap star as telling Winfrey.

Winfrey had visited the 36-year-old rapper, real name Curtis Jackson, at his grandparents' house in Queens, New York, where he had been raised following his mother's death back in 1983.

In the candid chat, Winfrey addressed the pair's feud, quizzing the hip hop artist on while he had criticised the number of "older white women" in the audience of her now defunct talk show, along with her criticism of rap music's misogynistic lyrics and use of the "N word."

"I would see moments when you would discuss your feelings on the culture and everything that was wrong with the culture was what was on my CD, and I was like, 'Oh, she doesn't like me," the rapper said.

"I was saying, 'If I can't be your friend, at least let me be your enemy, so I co-exist," he added.

Oprah responded by saying: "That's interesting. I don't spend a lot of time looking at people who don't like me, but I did hear that you said something like I had white women in my audience that were as old as your grandmother. I felt that that was a pointed criticism."

She then asked him: "Did you say things about me to be provocative, or did you just not like me?"

The rapper responded: "I was saying it's a conservative audience - their kids are listening to it and they look for something that allows them to be a little rebellious - that's rap and roll."

Oprah told the rapper: "If you're in television, you need black people and white people to watch you.

"I think it's so interesting that you thought that because I was against the use of the n-word, violence and singing about violence and misogynism, meant that I did not like you, because I did not know you," he said.

Oprah then asked 50 Cent over his use of the "n-word", mentioning that she and rapper Jay-Z had "agreed to disagree" over its use in hip hop music.

However, 50 Cent defended the use of the word in his songs, saying: "When you're actually using it with malice in your heart, you can feel the difference.

"If it's being used by someone that you know isn't using it in a racial term, it doesn't impact the same. I just think you're identifying with how it originated and it should exist based on that (alone)," he said.

And Oprah wasn't about to let the interview end without asking the rapper about his decision to call his pet dog "Oprah."

She said: "That was not a compliment," adding: "I heard you had a b**ch named Oprah!"

To which 50 Cent said: "At the time, I was just looking at the situation and I saw I was developing negative feelings for someone who doesn't even know me - and I gave it to the dog."

The rapper seemed particularly proud of his appearance on the show, later tweeting a photograph of him posing with the star, along with the caption: "So today my grand mother said you on oprah now boy you made it :o) #SK"

Oprah also seemed to enjoy their chat, later posting on her Facebook and Twitter pages: "In the car having just left Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent. Gotta say, he was quite surprising. We talked for 2 hrs." (ANI)


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