Suraj Pancholi finally speaks

It’s been about two months since Nafisa ‘Jiah’ Khan took her life in Mumbai. Subsequently what followed was nothing short of a Bollywood film waiting to happen (apparently, there’s already one underway). Her boyfriend Suraj Pancholi, son of Aditya Pancholi was arrested on charges of abetting Jiah’s suicide. Soon, Jiah’s mother Rabiya came out to the media accusing 23-year-old Suraj of being the reason her daughter took her own life. The accusations flew, the law swooped in and Suraj was behind bars. Through it all, the man in question stayed quiet. For the first time since that fateful day, Suraj Pancholi has spoken. Find out what he said below.

In his first ever interview since the time this happened, Suraj reveals that he will always love Jiah. Ah, young love. Suraj’s sidestepping of his painstakingly maintained silence, whether a publicity stunt for his fledgling acting career or the actual God honest truth, now, ironically, brings Jiah’s death back to life. In this interview, the young Pancholi is painted as the epitome of innocence and virtue, the caring boyfriend and friend who only wanted to look out for the best interests of Jiah Khan. The trouble is, when you have a fist-baring, temper flaring father in Aditya Pancholi, you pretty much live in a hornet’s nest.

Maybe it’s time little Suraj made his own move.