Kalki Koechlin's unrewarded jig

Keeping up with the number of Fashion weeks in India has become a tiresome game and more often that not, it's time better spent eating a good vada pav or watching your favourite movie, not chasing the red carpet! And then of course, once you look past some of the horrendous creations that get passed off as 'fashion', never mind that they don't get a single appreciative nod from anyone, designers are busy chasing showstoppers. While we agree the celebrity factor enhances the visibility of designers, through media coverage etc, it has clearly done away with the basic premise of a fashion week, to encourage new local talent and to honour the existing designers with a medium to showcase their work. But we shan't deny you the chance to find out who walked the ramp at this time's Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai. Click on the video below to find out.

LFW Grand Finale: Sabyasachi’s ‘Absolute Royal’ collection1:31
The girls were teamed it up with heavy duppatas, glares and heavy jewellery while the boys wore turbans.
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Wed 28 Aug, 2013 4:03 PM IST

And amidst the hoopla surrounding each designer and their showstopper, comes the expected celebrity coterie. Yawn.

For Goan based twin designers, Riddhi and Siddhi Mapxenca (in the picture below) and their brand MapxencaRS, making their mark at Fashion Week meant getting a showstopper in Kalki Koechlin.
Little did either party know what a fiasco that was about to turn into. Kalki had a field day on the ramp, breaking into an impromptu jig and leaving the audience with their eyes glued to her.
When the actress did not walk the ramp with them, the pair were apparently miffed and the end result was Kalki being termed "mentally disturbed".

Yes, there's always two sides to a story and here's Kalki's response to the twins' name calling.
Now, now, use your words, no more name calling! But, we're guessing by the time the next fashion week comes around, there's going to be yet another bevy of celebrities, in all shapes and sizes, descending on the ramp. One can only hope.