John Abraham's need for speed, indeed!

It's really no secret that John Abraham loves living life in the fast lane, and moreso while riding some mean machines. The actor who is known to have a collection of superbikes and cars (most recently a Lamborghini Gallardo), was even chosen as a brand ambassador for Yamaha. While that relationship ran its course to what we hear was a rocky end, John's love for the brand and its bikes never went away. We wonder what girlfriend Priya Runchal thinks of the other ladies in his life.

The star who recently gifted filmmaker Sanjay Gupta with a bike , also a Yamaha (a V Max), made sure he made up for it and went out and got himself yet another one!

And as luck would have it, on a cool Mumbai night, while out for a drive with his new lady love (the bike, we mean!), the Madras Cafe star took a turn for the worse and crashed it! Watch the video below to know more.

Watch out Johnny Boy, you have a film releasing today! Wouldn't want you showing up in bits and pieces for your own premiere now, would we?