Hair, there and everywhere!

So she's normally the most perfectly preened and primped person around. And there's no denying Malaika Arora Khan is a beautiful woman, even when she hasn't an ounce of makeup around!

Neither her nor her sister Amrita Arora have been successful in their acting stints. Of course, we're not counting their off screen appearances. Yet the pair of them manage to remain in the limelight, with just their sartorial choice to count on. Come to think of it, we're not quite sure what to address either of the sisters as. Actors? Socialites? Fashionistas?

While her sister Amrita ditched Bollywood for motherhood and marriage, in reverse order of course, Malaika keeps her Bollywood social connections intact (she's Salman's sister-in-law anyway!) doing the occasional item number.

Have a look - isn't she hotter than her sister?
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Wed 10 Aug, 2011 6:25 PM IST

Normally, she's perfectly put together and can make even a bedsheet look good, but this time, Malaika had one of the most noticeably awful red carpet faux pas moments that left us gagging. I mean, we get that being a celebrity can be demanding and you've always got to put your best foot forward, but sparing some time for a trip to the parlour and a wax strip can help avoid what the cameras can highlight so easily! Hairy underarms on full display, just doesn't cut it Malaika.

For what it's worth the flapper look (courtesy Bollywood's new fashion bestie Shehla Khan) added to her red carpet ruin.

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