From Baby Sridevi to super sexy diva

She’s been in the limelight since she was a tiny tot, but Sridevi is yet to bow out of the race and hang up her acting boots. In fact, the Tamilian actress has everyone amazed by her unbelievable transformation. The 50-year-old star turned up the heat for her photoshoot in the latest edition of Vogue India. While the magazine is known to push fashion boundaries galore, this one, shot by ace lensman Suresh Natrajan, gave us a crick in the neck from the sheer surprise element!

Sridevi’s tryst with fame began as a child artiste in the late Sixties. Of course, back then she was known to the world as Baby Sridevi.

As a child star Sridevi grew up being surrounded by the biggest names in South Indian cinema, Kamal Hasan being one of them.


And from her beginnings in Tamil cinema to her tryst with Bollywood, life changed for the young girl named Baby Sridevi. In the Eighties, this Sivakasi native became a force to reckon with in Bollywood, paving the way for many a southern star to make the very same transition.

Soon, the southern star became a Bollywood favourite, but it was not without its price. Seen here in a rare family picture Sridevi was also one of the earliest stars to go under the knife. Sridevi, unlike Shilpa Shetty, though, went at her previously bulbous nose and came away with a prize winning snout in one lucky go!

With the theme of a naughty teacher in mind, Mrs. Boney Kapoor left the windows foggy by the time she was done with the shoot. What we're wondering is what hubby Boney had to say about her ultra sexy transformation. We're thinking it may just have hit the right note with him...

For a look at what went on behind the scenes, watch the video below.

All we can say to this sexy mom-of-two is, Appadi Podu!