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At the age of 90, there is no one else from his generation of actors who remains.Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand, possibly his only …

  • Always known to be a man who speaks his mind, and being assertive about every aspect of his life, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan had a thing or two to say about the very controversial AIB Knockout Roast starring Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, among others.

    At yesterday's Youth for Governance 2015 against corruption event, he was asked by a member of the press about his take on the extremely popular, yet severely criticised show that was promoted on Youtube.

    "I was deeply affected by that. I completely believe in the freedom of speech. But we have to understand that we all have a certain responsibility," he said in response.

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    "There was a lot of violence in that event. Violence need not be just physical, it can be verbal, it can be emotional. I am not impressed with "gaalis", that age has long gone. I am not longer 14, that I will laugh at someone giving a "gaali". I am not impressed by bad language," he

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  • ‘The watchman, the rickshaw wallah, your neighbour’s husband, they’re all watching your chest heave, every time you breathe.  Sometimes, as a woman, you feel guilty to just breathe, says Kalki in her powerful monologue called ‘An Expression By Kalki Koechlin - Le Femme Terrible.  In this intense and hard hitting monologue Kalki shares her feelings - and it is going viral on social media. Take a look at this video.

    She ends the monologue with ‘I am not a hardcore feminist to be very honest. I am not a rebel as some would like to believe. I am not even such an impressive celebrity; I am not always made up and dressed up perfectly.  And my therapist assures me that I’m not crazy. So look beyond all that. Look at me. Look at what you’re seeing.  You’re seeing another human being.  You’re seeing another you in me, And really there is no difference between you and me. That’s all we need to grow up understanding, To make ours a better society'. 
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  • Two celebrities meet. They fall in love – and then we chip in.  The media I mean (which includes me). We tell you about how often we spot them together at partieswhat they did at the parties – places they go for vacations. We get you hooked to them.

    Then, just like it started the love fizzles out. The celebrities involved move on.  Find new love.  Get married, have kids, lead a (happy) married life.  And around every Valentine’s Day we come up with lists of old flames – how cool they looked together on screen and on camera.  Watch this video. You will get a hang about what we are speaking about.

    This is not the only case. The hue and cry every time Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha come together is a typical example.  The headlines normally scream; ‘Big B ignores Rekha’, ‘When Rekha embraced Jaya’ and more along those lines. It was big news when a photo of Rekha sitting behind Amitabh Bachchan surfaced on the internet. 

    And when Amitabh acknowledged Rekha’s presence at an event recently–

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  • There is major trouble brewing for Justin Bieber. No, this has got nothing to do with the Canadian police charging Justin Bieber with assaulting a limousine driver in Toronto in December, the latest in a string of legal troubles for the young pop star. The alleged incident happened in the early hours of December 30, when the limousine picked up six people including Bieber, 19, outside a Toronto nightclub, police said in a statement.

    Justin Bieber has a greater issue with a crowd sourced petition on the White House website seeking Bieber's deportation to Canada hit the magic 100,000 signature mark required to compel President Barack Obama to officially address it.

    Taryn Ryder says trouble has been brewing for the "Boyfriend" singer for about a year, really ever since he and Selena Gomez first broke up. From wild house parties, to club scuffles, drama has plagued the 19-year-old for months. Here's a timeline of Justin's troubles leading up to the arrest

    EOnline says that The White House

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  • Salman Khan spiced up things in the opener of Karan Johar’s latest edition of ‘Koffee with Karan’ by saying that he is a virgin and was saving himself up for his wedding night. Read more of it here

    Karan prodded in his natural way. Salman stood by his word. We wrote about it, people talked about it and then we moved on. There were juicer gossips, obviously. But the question of Salman Khan’s virginity seems to be haunting Karan.

    Take a look at this video.

    Here’s what he said "I have gone world over and there are people who genuinely came and asked me is he really a virgin. He was being funny when he said I am saving myself for the wedding night. Salman has a straight face sense of humour. I can't believe there are people who believed it. That is what is scary as you can say anything and people might take you seriously," Karan said.  Read more

    Remember the time Salman said he loves kids?

    We rest our case.

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  • The rumour mills have been working over time ever since Hrithik announced Sussanne’s decision to separate from him.

    Some speculated that it was Sussanne’s friendship with Arjun Rampal which led to the split. Arjun Rampal has broken his silence and come out with a statement.  He says “it is very sad when friends close to you take a decision to separate. These are the hardest times for them and we must be sensitive towards this decision, rather than creating speculation and rumours. I read in the news, about the same time as you all, about my involvement in this marriage. It saddens me deeply that rumours become inevitable during celebrities going through such times. Mehr and I wish them only peace and love through these times, and support them as friends should, and we wish them and their families well, always.”

    Meanwhile Hrithik has said that Sussanne will forever remain the "love of my life". "This is my greatest tribute to love. Sussanne is and always will be the love of my life for

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  • Apparently, Virat Kohli dropped in on Anushka Sharma before flying off to South Africa and that has got tongues wagging. Watch this video

    According to a leading tabloid an eyewitness, “It was around 10.45 pm when the cricketer and the actress walked out of the lift on the second floor parking area of the building.
    Anushka was wearing a white T-shirt and pink trousers while Virat was casually dressed in tee and jeans. The actress saw him off in the car, but not before the two shared a quick kiss.”

    Adds the source, “Virat kept turning back and looking at Anushka as the car made an exit.” You can read more about it here.

    This is not the first time that they have been caught together.

    And trust us, this isn't the first time a movie star has been linked to a cricketer, the list.

    More on Yahoo! India OMG

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  • We woke up to the news of Jiah Khan’s death on the 4th of July 2013. The actor who had made a debut with 'Nishabd' was found dead at her residence in the night. Since then, Jiah’s death has taken on the proportions of a Bollywood movie script.

    And now, the latest forensic reports say ‘fragment of human flesh was found under Jiah’s fingernails and blood stains were found on her under garments. The forensic report was submitted in August after which the police have only taken Rabia statement but have not conducted any further investigation.’ Read more here

    And after the first couple of days, Jiah’s family – especially her mother came out with some startling statements. Rabiya Khan who still cannot believe that her daughter would take this extreme step said  her daughter had been murdered by someone close to her. She was hinting at Aditya Pancholi’s son Suraj, whom Jiah was dating.



    Rabia even said that she spoke to Jiah through a medium.

    Advocate Dinesh Tiwari said that Jiah’s mother

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  • She's the hottest export from India to the West in a while. And Freida Pinto seems to have caught the bull by the horns pretty well. The Mumbai-born, globetrotting actress who made her silver screen debut in the Oscar winning film Slumdog Millionaire has since starred in many international flicks, working with names like Woody Allen and Tarsem Singh.

    She's been seen on the arm of designers and film stars alike and now, Freida Pinto has added one more feather to her cap.
    Freida Pinto, seen here with Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery.
    The 29-year-old star stars in the new video by Bruno Mars titled Gorilla. While her starring in the video itself is not really such a big deal, the fact that she plays a stripper is what has set cyberspace on fire in the last few hours.

    The video which has Pinto acrobatically addressing a pole, can only be described as steamy, sexual and definitely one that will grab eyeballs. The song is pretty much on the sidelines.

    While her acting prowess and red carpet appearances continue to keep her in the limelight, this latest

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  • Anurag Kashyap, the man behind many indie films and often thought of as a thinking filmmaker, committed the biggest faux pas of his existing career. Last evening, the filmmaker who gave the world Gangs of Wasseypur, put himself in a world of shame by tweeting that veteran actor Dilip Kumar had died. “Two deaths today…Ajay Jhingran and now Dilip Saab. Something else died too..Shittiest day ever…”

    He soon learned just how mistaken he was. A picture of a well rested Dilip Kumar in the ICU was doing the rounds, courtesy a family member. According to an Agencies report, the actor's wife also said,"He has to overcome the problem and it will take some time. But he is recovering. This morning he got up and had tea. He needs to rest. I thank all the fans and well wishers for their prayers and request them to continue with it."
    Soon after Kashyap tweeted his apology.
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